No shows on the GOAT! calendar for the time being - we're focusing on writing some great new stuff for your moms! Check back for updates!

No shows on the GOAT! calendar for the time being - we're focusing on writing some great new stuff for your moms! Check back for updates!


OCT 13/19

What a night! The Forgotten Rebels, The Lucky Ones, and Cúlturåł Treåsøn all kicked ass, thank you to all of you who came out to see the last GOAT! show for a while. We're going to be spending some time working out a bunch of new songs we're excited to share with all of your moms. Stay tuned for updates as they happen, and show announcements when we get sick of the practice space and decide to do a show anyway.

OCT 05/19

Huge thank you to everyone who came out to the 8th Anniversary Goatastrophe show at Avant Garde! We had a blast, and we hope you did too. It's always a good night when you have all the people you care about gathering around you and getting shitfaced. It really meant a lot to us to have you all take time to come out, especially those of you who left your own events to swing on by for a bit! It wouldn't fun at all doing what we do without you all, thank you. And fuck you for making me feel things.


AUG 23/19

Jesus Christ, you again?


AUG 07/19

Hot damn, we're still recovering from the nipples thing the other day! I don't know if I'm supposed to be sharing with you what we were doing, but we went in to Hillside Audio to do a thing. A thing that definitely involved taping up nipples, a bunch of microphones, and some cameras.


AUG 02/19

The other day we taped up Mikey's nipples. It was a day.


JUL 14/19

Big thanks to War Fair for putting on a wicked great CD release show! We all had a blast! Definitely check them out. Next up is Montreal! Come on out for a rip!


JUL 06/19

Holy shit, what to talk about first?! It's been a long time, but we're not dead yet. Our good friend Nick Caruso has joined the GOAT! family, and we couldn't be more erect about it! Handful of shows this summer, some new GOAT! songs and projects in the works, can't wait to not give a shit what anyone thinks of them! I mean.. still tell us what you think of them, though. Our egos are always hungry. Okay, maybe we care a little... look, fine, alright? We care. Christ.


JAN 16/18

Happy New Year All. GOAT! had a nice relaxing holiday season but its time to get back on the horse. We have a few rad shows lined up. On Sat Jan 20/18 we return to House of Targ to share the stage w/ Gutter Demons. One week later we are trying our hand at some rocking Motorhead covers for the 3rd annual Lemmy Re- revisited Motorhead tribute extravaganza. Feb 23/18 we are once again rocking out with our good friends, The Riptides. Lots of crzay stuff coming up down the 2018 pike. We are currently writing new shit for our upcoming 6th record and in the process of booking a tour through Canada and the USA. Stay tuned for show dates and scheduling...


DEC 12/17

Been a while, The Riptides' Merry F%*king Christmas Album & Beer Release Party - Sponsored by BIG RIG Brewery is coming up Dec 16/17 at the Dominion Tavern. 

AUG 16/17

Just got the word GOAT! will be playing with GUTTERMOUTH on Sept 8 at Mavericks in Ottawa. Stoked


JULY 07/17

It's NEW GOAT! DAY. Check out our MUSIC section and hear the new GOAT! EP X. Its a little different in places but we wanted to experiment with some ideas that were floating around. Lots of good ol' GOAT! stuff in there too. Hope you enjoy...


JUN 27/17

GOAT! has been cooped up for the last few months writing new summertime drinking songs..........but we just got back from the studio and the new GOAT! EP is on wax! This is our 5th release and we are damn proud of it. We will start releasing songs starting next Friday counting down to our show at HOUSE OF TARG on July 13/17. Thank you to Irish Goodwin for lending her time and voice. As always... thanks again to JZ at Skylark Park Studio in Pembroke. Stay tuned

JUN 08/17

Pre prod for the new record continues.....


APR 28/19

GOAT! Returns to the stage May 25th at Avant Garde Bar with STONE LEEK and MISLED BALDS, 2 crazy punk bands touring through from Japan....RIGHT! Also on the bill is our good friends SLIM N POPULAR. Gonna be a crazy one...

APR 19/17
Thanks to all that came out to the Bigwig show last night at House of Targ. A new era has begun at the GOAT! camp. We're getting back to basics with a bunch of new show announcements coming soon. GOAT will also be heading back to the studio in late May to record a new 4 song EP

MAR 20/17
Super stoked! GOAT! will be opening for BIGWIG at House of Targ April 18/17.....Dream gig!!

FEB 28/17
GOAT will be playing with legendary Canadian punk band MUTE at Le Petit Chicago in Hull QC, on Mar 11/17/ 

FEB 11/17

So GOAT! decided to have some fun and entered a band wars. Presented by Rock and Roots Society with a grand prize of $5000. How can you go wrong. Also as luck would have it we'll be sharing the stage with the Big Jeezus Truck so it's gonna be a pretty cool gig. Come down and support and maybe we'll share the money with you Tonight at Moose Mcguire's

JAN 25/17
HUGE thanks to everyone that came out to the TUFF release show. It was a massive success and an awesome time. Extra thanks to House of Targ, The Lindbergh Babies and WAR FAIR

JAN 20/17
THE TUFF RELEASE IS HERE!! Available now for download. Check the MUSIC section. Check the new video for our song GROWLER on the home page. Enjoy. Thank you to Joshua Boyd for filming and creating such an awesome video. 

JAN 13/17
The video for "Growler" is done! We are super proud of it and it will debut Friday Jan 20.....the same day as the release of the new record TUFF. You're all so lucky!! The TUFF release show is catching aa ton of us and will be a seller time. We are the Pin UP band for January in he House Of Targ Zine. Check it out between pin balling an perogies. See you all next Friday for the release of TUFF!!!

JAN 06/17
Our new video for the song "Growler" is being edited as we speak. The shoot was a tone of fun but also gruelling. Who knew pretending to play and lip syncing was so exhausting. Thanks to Josh Boyd for the excellent direction and camera work. Video will be release on FRI JAN 20/17. 

DEC 30/16
TUFF RELEASE SHOW IS BOOKED!!. Stay tuned for all the details. One hint....HOUSE OF 'F'N' TARG!!!

DEC 29/16
New tracks off the upcoming release TUFF have been dropping in your lap every Friday. New track "Brain Goo" will be available tomorrow. 

DEC 16/16
New track "SOB STORY" off the upcoming release TUFF is now available to download. Check it out!

DEC 15/16
The new GOAT! track off of the upcoming release TUFF is now available on BANDCAMP, YOUTUBE and of course right here in the music section. The release of TUFF is just around the corner. Stay tuned for release dates. GOAT! would like to thank our good friend and tireless producer Jordon Zadorozny for putting up with us for another round.

DEC 4/16

GOAT! TUFF is in the can!! We completed 9 songs at Skylark Park Studio in Pembroke ON. Stay tuned for release dates. We can't wait to drop this beast on you!!

OCT 12/16

What a crazy summer...we would like to thank CJ RAMONE, CROSS DOG and SNFU for letting us share the stage with you. Now onto our fall months. GOAT! is heading back to the studio to start recording our 4th release TBA. We have 8 songs on the burner and can't wait ti get them on wax and share them with you. Lots of new show announcements and a a few surprises on the way...stay tuned

GOAT! - "BONES" 2015


Now that we're on good terms, lets move on