We're Cool and You're Not

GOAT! is a punk/rock band based out of Ottawa ON. GOAT! was formed in Fall of 2011. GOAT! is guitar/vocalist Ohio Jones, bassist Paulie J Fox, drummer Mikey Knox, and guitar/vocalist Nick Caruso. GOAT! have combined their influences to create a sound consisting of raw power, sweet melody and a few laughs tossed in for fun. Don't worry, though, that last bit is the most important - if you're not having fun at a GOAT! show, what are you doing to yourself to make you that way? As members of local bands or contributing their craft to other projects, Jones, Fox and Knox have been active in the Ottawa music scene for the last decade, with Nick having been part of the Montreal scene for many a year as well.


Ohio Tiberius Jones


"Ask me about my balls!"

Paulie J Fox


"Ask me about your mom's balls!"

Nick Caruso


"Stop asking me about Ohio's balls!"

Mikey Knox


"Nice hair!"